Is Amazon Flex Worth It In 2023? A Detailed Overview

Is Amazon Flex worth it or not? is a common question asked by most of the people. During this inflation rate and super cycle in the whole world, everyone wants to make extra money to fulfill their needs. Working as an Amazon Flex Driver might be a great idea to generate a handsome income.

If you are also looking for a side hustle as an Amazon Flex driver, you should take advantage of the points discussed in this article. In the Amazon Flex driving job, the worker has to deliver Amazon packages within his city.

The duty hours can be customized and scheduled according to the driver. You can easily make $18 to $25. But there are a lot of gig apps like Amazon Flex. These apps have different criteria’s and earning potential.

So, you might be thinking, Is Amazon Flex Worth It between so many gig apps? If yes, then how much earnings can you expect from Amazon Flex? Our comprehensive article will cover all your queries about the Amazon Flex driving job.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex was started in 2015 by Amazon to help individuals generate income by delivering parcels from, Prime Now, and Amazon Fresh. It was started as a side hustle or part time job program.

According to Amazon terms and policies, you can schedule your working hours, and for each hour, you will be paid $18 to $25. You might be thinking is amazon flex worth it? between so many driving gigs which one is more worthy? Millions of People are using Amazon Flex in Canada, America, and other countries and earning a handsome income.

To start with Amazon Flex, you need a smartphone and vehicle for delivering parcels. The Process of registering on Amazon Flex and delivering a parcel is more complex than other gig apps. 

Requirements For Amazon Flex:

Requirements to get started with Amazon Flex are as follows:

  • You must be a resident of a city where Amazon Flex is working
  • Your age must be greater than or equal to 21
  • You must have a valid driving license that has yet to expire. Also, a vehicle that is registered in your name( a mid-sized vehicle that generally has 4 doors, like a sedan or larger)
  • A working smartphone, either Android or iPhone.

Is Amazon Flex Worth It?

If you take it as a side hustle or a part-time job, Amazon Flex is worth working. It pays an average of $20 per hour. You can schedule your working hours. If your vehicle’s fuel average is good and you also enjoy driving, then it can be a suitable job for you.

It also does not require any experience, skills, or qualifications. Compared to other jobs, $20 per hour is a good amount, but you can not carry it as a full-time job. Because Amazon blocks are highly competitive, there is not a specific amount of work that you will get in a week. 

Amazon Flex Is Not Worth Working If:

  • If you do not have your vehicle
  • If your fuel cost is more than your wage
  • If you are looking for a full-time job, then Amazon Flex is not worth working for you
  • If you want to work in your flexible hours only.

Again it pays more than most delivery apps, and other jobs like working in Walmart but you can only take it as a part-time job. 

Working Mechanism Of Amazon Flex:

working mechanism

The working mechanism of Amazon Flex is simply divided into the following five steps:

  1. Complete The Amazon Flex Driver Requirements
  2. Install the App and sign up for Amazon Flex driving job
  3. Schedule the delivery blocks
  4. Pick Up the Delivery Parcels 
  5. Complete the delivery tasks

Let’s Cover how the Amazon Flex working mechanism steps in depth.

Completing The Amazon Flex Requirements:

Amazon Flex driver requirements are as follows:

  • Applying From the city where Amazon Flex is working
  • Age should be at least 21 years old
  • Applicant must have a U.S. driving license.
  • Having your own mid-sized vehicle with at least 4 doors
  • Having An Smartphone

As Amazon Flex only works in some cities, the applicant must be a resident of the city where Amazon Flex works. 

Signing Up For The Amazon Flex Driving job

Signing up for the Amazon Flex Drivig Job is easy but tricky. You can use your Amazon account credentials to sign up. Go to or download the Amazon Flex App on your smartphone.

After filling up the basic information (name, email, address, date of birth, etc.), fill up the tax and payment information. There is one more consent requirement for a background check to track your criminal record.

Schedule Delivery Blocks

amazon flex dashboard
  • Amazon Flex Background check can take a few weeks to process your information. 
  • After getting approved for Amazon Flex, you can start scheduling your job time, known as “Blocks” of Amazon Flex.
  • There is an “Upcoming Events” section in the Amazon Flex App. In this section, you can start scheduling. 
  • There are sections of time, and they are often called ‘Delivery Blocks. They are available the whole day, and you can book for the complete deliveries.
  • It is a huge thing to work for Amazon Flex as many blocks show ‘how much money you give to get paid for it. And there are a few apps related to gigs where you don’t have to know the exact generated income before completing the delivery.

Pick-Up The Delivery Parcels:

Picking Up a parcel for Amazon Flex is very simple. You must pick up the parcels from the Amazon warehouse or delivery stations. Your Amazon Flex app will navigate the location from which you will pick up the parcels and where you will deliver them. 

Once you reach the warehouse, the other employees will help you find the parcels you are responsible for delivering. Different types of parcels can be given to you for delivery, such as Amazon Fresh Parcel, parcels, and Prime Now Packages.

Complete The Delivery Tasks:

After Completing the deliveries, your next task is to deliver those packages. Parcels are assigned the number according to their priority, such as parcel#2, which should be delivered before parcel#1. So before delivering the parcel, arranging the parcels according to their priorities will be very helpful for you. Most dropoff points are:

  • Near the Front Door
  • Giving To Responsible Household member
  • Any Parcel Receiving Box  

Overall the process is very easy. You can easily deliver packages without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

You deliver products for Amazon using your own vehicle as way to increase your income and move toward your objectives.

It can be really beneficial if you're flexible and only need some more money. It can be difficult during your first few runs, but after you get the feel of it, it's not too difficult. It can be challenging to secure the shift, location, and time you want.

Amazon Flex will not pay for fuel, car maintenance and Parking costs


Amazon Flex Driving job is a program started in 2015 to help people work to generate their side income. Now the question was, Is Amazon Flex Worth it? We cover this question in depth and discuss all the consequences of which Amazon Flex is worth it and not. 

Under all the consequences, the answer to the Question is Amazon Flex Worth It?, It is worth it when you do this job part-time and have your mid-sized vehicle with your driving license. Also, Your age should be at least 21 years old You must be a resident in a city where Amazon Flex works. 

It is not worth it when you are considering taking it as your full-time job and relying on it for your household expenses. 


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