What Is an Unsent Project? Top 6 Alternatives

Unsent project changes people’s lives by allowing them to express their unspoken feelings anonymously. If you are also curious to know what an unsent project is and how it impacts the lives of thousands of people, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will learn about the Unsent Project in-depth and list its top and best alternatives.

History of Unsent Projects:

The Unsent project was a special platform to help people show and confess their regrets, secrets, desires, fears, and feelings. It was introduced in 2015 by an artist, Rora Blue. It provided a secure and safe platform for individuals to express their feelings and thoughts. 

With time, the Unsent project started gaining fame among people globally. People came here and express their feelings. The idea of the Unsent Message project impressed many hearts and provided a space to connect with people experiencing the same feelings.

It got millions of submissions of unsent messages that impact countless lives. The life stories of these people were inspiring and therapeutic. People were sharing their unspoken thoughts without any hesitation or judgment.

Top Alternatives Of Unsent Project

The unsent project has not been working properly for the past few months. There are too many queries that people are asking, including when will the unsent project be back, why the unsent project is not working, the unsent project alternatives, and why the unsent project archive is not working.

There are many more questions regarding the Unsent message project. The answer to all these queries is that it has yet to be confirmed why it is working or when it will return. That is why we will discuss the best alternatives for unsent projects. 

Each website has an individual way of providing a platform and community to confess unspoken words and make them realize they are not alone in their problems. Some too many people are facing even worse. These Alternatives are as follows:

  • Not Always Right
  • Post Secret
  • FML
  • iSaw You
  • The Broken Light Collective

Not Always Right:

not always right

Not Always Right is a story-submitted website. It is a humor platform where you can submit your stories about customer services that went wrong. These pleasurable stories remind us that customers are only sometimes right. You can submit your customer service story if you ever experience a funny or irritating moment.

Post Secret:

post secret

Post Secret is a community art project where individuals send their secrets anonymously on postcards through the mail. Every week, websites show a collection of secrets people share. You can compare your feelings and thoughts with those shared secrets.



FMyLife, or FML, is a group of short stories proposed by people expressing regrettable life occasions or awkward moments. It is a platform to associate with others and events and laugh over everyday imperfections.

iSaw You:

isaw you

ISawYou authorized people to post about their missed relationships. It gives them a second chance to reconnect with those they meet but cannot exchange their contacts with them. It is also a great platform to analyze that you are not only one But many people who want to reconnect with those whom they met but were unable to exchange contacts. 

The Broken Light Collective:

broken light collective

The Broken Light Collective is a platform where people going through several mental health issues like depression and anxiety can showcase their situations through pictures. You can analyze your situation with people with worse situations than you or those who recovered from this mental trauma. It will motivate you and allow you to connect and communicate with them via photographs. 

How The Unsent Project Beneficial For Mental Health

The Unsent Project is a medium to anonymize your deepest regrets, desires, and fears. Allowing users to save draft messages creates a safe space for sharing emotions that are hard to express in person. You can compare your situation with other people’s situations and stories shared on the Unsent project.

It will make you relax that you are not the only one going through that situation, but some people face worse situations than you and successfully get out. The Confidence that you are not alone in that similar situation can support you and help you to get out of that situation.

People can associate different events and shades of life with each other. It makes you analyze feelings creatively, showing a feeling of self-reflection. Expressing your emotions through art can benefit your mental health in the long run. In conclusion, The Unsent Project delivers:

  • A forum to secretly show and release frustration.
  • The chance to read and compare to the incidents of others, decreasing feelings of aloneness.
  • An innovative platform to associate colors with feelings, motivating inner self and understanding.

Social Media Communities That Are Similar to Unsent Project

There are a lot of social media platforms that support a lot of communities related to unsent projects, like Reddit, Whisper, and Post Secret. Reddit has a community with the name Ifyoulikeblank subreddit. This Community allows you to share your experience related to movies, books, websites, social platforms, and anything you enjoy and want to recommend to others.

Whisper is a great platform that is easy to use with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can share your thoughts, experiences, secrets, and anything anonymously. You can also respond to other’s posts and connect with them to share your feelings and emotions. PostSecret is a community-based platform that allows people globally to anonymously share their secrets on postcards.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Conceptual artist Rora Blue founded The Unsent Project in 2015, inspired by her love of using color in her work. The project collects text messages from around the world and organizes them by color, with each color representing an emotion associated with the sender's message.

Here are some popular alternatives to The Unsent Project: Whisper, PostSecret, FML, Not Always Right, Found Magazine, iSawYou, Vent, Letters to Crushes, Dear Photograph, and The Broken Light Collective.


Unsent Project was started in 2015 by artist Rora Blue The concept behind this project was to let people share their feelings and secrets that they can share with no one. People could share their secrets anonymously, which helped them a lot to relax mentally. It gained immense popularity over the years. But now, the unsent project has stopped working due to some errors.

It has yet to be discovered when will the unsent project be back. But too many alternatives have come on the internet today that we discuss briefly. If you also have something to share, just go to any of these platforms and anonymously post your secrets.


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