What Is ELK-BLEDOM On My Bluetooth List?

I was startled when I noticed a strange device called ELK BLEDOM appearing on the Bluetooth list on my phone and PC. I wondered what this odd device on my Bluetooth list meant, so I decided to investigate further.

What is ELK-BLEDOM On My Bluetooth List?

It turns out ELK-BLEDOM is a generic name and code (BT – 365) that refers to affordable Bluetooth electronics like speakers, lamps, earbuds, and LED light strips. These devices use a common BT module and show up with this specific name on the Bluetooth connection list when enabled. Online sources explain it stands for Bluetooth Low Energy which is used in small-scale IoT devices that can be controlled by a smartphone application. So that Amazon LED strip light is connecting via its generic chipset and appears as ELK-BLEDOM in my device lists on my Android and iPhone.

What are LED light strips?

LED light strips

LED strip lights are decorative lighting products that come in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or standard color options. They offer high-quality, adjustable lighting that can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth or a remote control. The lighting color, style, brightness, and on/off state can be changed using a special app.

What if I Don’t Have a LED Strip Light?

If you notice ELK-BLEDOM or another strange device on your Bluetooth list on your phone or PC but don’t own any LED strip lights, it could be picking up signals from a neighbor’s lights that are in range. LED strip lights use Bluetooth to allow remote control so they can connect to devices quite far away.

So that mysterious connection on your device list is likely a neighbor’s high-end product like light strips or lamps. Since these lights are controlled via apps, the user can adjust settings and change the image displayed which signals can appear quite potent and travel further than usual.

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How Can You Locate The ELK-BLEDOM Device?

If you want to locate the mysterious ELK BLEDOM Bluetooth device, try downloading and installing the Find My Bluetooth Device app from the Google Play or Apple Store. It prompts you to start searching which can be challenging if the device does reside in a neighboring apartment with many potential occupants.

If the app doesn’t directly locate it, check above and below your unit to follow the signal of the device. Since this ELK-BLEDOM device is likely a Bluetooth gadget like LED strip lights owned by a neighbor, tracking it down takes some legwork but is usually straightforward.

How Do You Connect The LED Strip Light?

Once located, popular LED light controllers like DuoCo Strip have iOS and Android apps that handle connecting the strip light. Open the app, go to the Group Manage tab, and it will display signal strength to help connect the LED strip light.

Part of the appeal of these wireless lights is the ability to control and manage them remotely via app. Brands like Wunderfind allow you to change settings from any distance given the physical location doesn’t impact Bluetooth connectivity.

What should I do about Elk Bledom?

If you see ELK-BLEDOM on your Bluetooth list but didn’t intentionally connect the device, don’t worry. It likely belongs to an original owner in your vicinity who paired it.

BT connections don’t require two-way consent like WiFi so smaller devices in the area may automatically appear on your BT list and try to connect. You can simply disconnect ELK-BLEDOM and it will only impact that device, not any other devices the owner has paired.

Is ELK-BLEDOM A Hidden Camera?

Hidden Camera

Some online rumors speculate if ELK-BLEDOM on the Bluetooth list refers to a hidden camera or other secret/security camera exploiting Bluetooth capacities. However multiple sources have confirmed this theory is not true.

LED strip lights and other devices use very minimal Bluetooth protocols to allow basic remote control functions. The mysterious device showing up with the ELK-BLEDOM name is just connecting via standard Bluetooth capacities for things like changing colors or scheduling – there is no evidence of it containing any recording or camera capabilities.

So while unusual to see on your list, ELK-BLEDOM linking to a neighbor’s LED strip light via Bluetooth is harmless and can simply be ignored or disconnected.

Can You Locate a Hidden Camera in ELK BLEDOM?

Some may wonder if ELK-BLEDOM on the Bluetooth list could signify an ideal way of hiding a secret camera in a common LED strip light. However, this device would not actually make sense for filming. The light source would likely damage any filmed image and the device lacks a solid power supply or internal storage needed for continuous recording.

So while suspicious sounding, ELK-BLEDOM is simply connecting to standard light strips without any concealed recording capabilities.

Should you be worried about Elk Bledom?

The mysterious ELK-BLEDOM name appearing on your Bluetooth list alongside your actual light strips causes some issues. It can seem strange and make people worried it is a secret recording or surveillance device in their vicinity.

But multiple sources have extensively explained these light strips only utilize basic Bluetooth to allow remote control – there is no evidence they cause issues or conceal anything. So while an unusual myth, ELK-BLEDOM is just referencing a neighbor’s light strips lacking any truthful recording or surveillance functions.

Once located, popular LED light controllers like DuoCo Strip have iOS and Android apps that handle connecting the strip light.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Uncovering nearby Bluetooth gadgets begins by switching on your own device's Bluetooth connectivity. Then get Wunderfind from your phone's app store and launch the program. Suddenly, your handset's innate Bluetooth scanner pierces the airwaves, unveiling a catalogue of uncovered devices active in the proximity.

While Bluetooth may initially seem to vanish in Device Manager, Windows tends to only conceal it from immediate viewing. To reveal potentially obscured devices, traverse into Device Manager then access the View menu. Click the choice to expose hidden devices in hopes Bluetooth surfaces through this unconcealment.


In summary, that odd ELK-BLEDOM device popping up on your Bluetooth list is most likely a neighbor’s LED strip light or similar product connecting via Bluetooth. While it may seem mysterious, there are no signs this device name refers to a hidden camera or other threat, despite some speculative myths online.

ELK-BLEDOM is just a generic identifier used for certain LED light strips and affordable electronics linking over Bluetooth. So you can completely ignore or disconnect this device appearing in your list, as it is harmless despite contrary rumors. Just be aware seeing ELK-BLEDOM connected simply means someone in your neighborhood has a standard LED light strip or device in range.


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