What Is JoinPD? How Can I Join A lesson At Pear Deck?

The versatile online learning platform JoinPD allows teachers to create interactive presentation slides and learning material for online learning sessions. Originally launched in 2014 by the USA-based Pear Deck Company, JoinPD is a unique and interactive tool that provides pre-built templates for educators to engage students in universities, colleges, and beyond.

Online Learning Management Systems like JoinPD saw a surge in usage during COVID-19 lockdowns as teachers adapted distance learning techniques. By assigning unique identity codes to each student, JoinPD allows respective teachers to view presentation libraries and track participation interactively. For online businesses and knowledge seekers looking to become productive in new ways, facilitates seamless online learning.

What is Pear Deck Used For?

The platform JoinPD brings increased interactivity and engagement to the classroom. Teachers use its features to boost individual student participation in lessons, enhance understanding, and better assess capabilities. By providing insights on comprehension and addressing struggles in real-time, JoinPD resolves a key issue teachers often struggle to gauge – student reception and level of understanding.

Unlike traditional e-learning systems and even Google Classroom, JoinPD gives teachers active insights into individual students. By making lessons more interactive, it helps enhance engagement, comprehension, and overall participation. For teachers seeking to boost classroom interactivity, JoinPD is an indispensable tool.

User Interface of JoinPD by Pear Deck

The website has a user-friendly interface that’s not only pleasant but also interactive. It’s designed with students in mind, ensuring they won’t feel bored or exhausted while navigating through it. The navigation menu, with its clean color scheme, enhances accessibility to the contents.

The overall design is eye-catching, making sure students enjoy using the platform without feeling bored. Instructors can generate individual IDs for students, providing selective access to presentations. Teachers can effortlessly sign up using their Google or Microsoft accounts, thanks to the integrated login APIs that enhance accessibility on the platform.

Famous characters and cartoons can decorate lessons to engage specific demographics. With an interactive and fluent navigation menu to easily find the location of lessons, it’s clear why so many students enjoy accessing and learning from presentations on JoinPD

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How Does Pear Deck Work?

How Does Pear Deck Work?

To use joinPD, a teacher first creates an account using their login details. They can then access lesson templates to create slides with interactive elements to share. The teacher generates a code that students enter on the Join Session page, provided via the platform’s official homepage.

The entire process has a basic outline: teachers provide slides and interactive content in one of six ways to facilitate formative assessment. Review the slides and input your responses in the designated area. This allows for an engaging and interactive lesson centered around understanding key concepts.

  • Draggable:

The official page of JoinPD showcases a sample lesson with draggable country name labels that students can drag to their correct locations on a map. This illustrates one of the many interactive methods teachers can utilize to create engaging exercises by having students drag icons, symbols, and shapes to match or find correct objects.

By incorporating draggable content into JoinPD lessons, teachers give students hands-on activities dragging digital content like icons, symbols, and shapes to complete interactive exercises. The official page screens highlight how draggable illustrations make lessons participatory and boost engagement. Teachers love being able to build their interactive lessons using dragging tools students adore.

  • Text

A text exercise provides a question or prompt for students to give a textual response. The teacher can request a completed line, list of words, synonyms/antonyms, or other simple answers. There are many possible ways text can be used in JoinPD for gathering answers.

The JoinPD official site shows a text exercise illustration where students are prompted to provide synonyms/antonyms for a list of words. The teacher has posed a question asking for textual responses. JoinPD allows teachers to capture student answers through text in creative ways, either by filling in blanks, providing lists, word associations, and more based on the prompt or image given.

  • Multiple Choice

Unlike the text feature where students must write a response, the Multiple-Choice option on JoinPD gives a limited number of options to pick from, making it a simpler exercise. Teachers can still provide a statement and ask if it’s true or false, or give options representing different ideas. The illustration on the main page showing how JoinPD works is a good way to use this option – to run polls, decide on a topic to study or take a test in MCQ form.

With Multiple-Choice, teachers simplify the process for students to answer questions. Rather than having to write out responses, students can just pick from the limited options offered. It’s an easy way for teachers to ask true/false or gauge ideas while allowing students to respond quickly. The simple drag-and-drop format makes multiple choice a popular JoinPD feature.

  • Web

With Peardeck JoinPD, teachers can use the Web feature to guide students in safely exploring websites during class. This gives free rein for students to engage with online activities and content in an educative, learned manner as they explore a particular website.

Giving students the good idea to visit and use sites that keep them engaged in an academic, meaningful context is what the Web tool facilitates. Rather than having them surf the web freely, teachers can now guide students to websites that supplement lessons and learning objectives. The JoinPD Web feature offers new free, but focused, web engagement in the classroom.

  • Draw

With JoinPD’s Draw feature, students can freely doodle or sketch on the shared screen using their mouse cursor. This tool is handy for activities like “Spot the difference” or “Circle the” exercises, as depicted in the website illustration. For instance, a teacher might ask, “Identify the nouns in the sentence by circling them.”

With the JoinPD Draw tool, students can draw lines and shapes to actively mark up content. This allows teachers to create interactive exercises where students identify differences between images, pick out parts of speech or specific words, highlight certain sections, and more by instructing them to circle, underline, or otherwise doodle on the slides. The website shows how the Draw option facilitates unique hands-on annotation useful for comprehension.

  • Number

JoinPD is an interesting website that provides teachers with a straight answer to the question of how to use the Number method to help students understand mathematical concepts. The website illustrates the correct figure of one billion in number form on the teacher’s screen. The center of the figure is marked with a red circle, and students are asked to make guesses about the number’s value. As they make their guesses, they are shown a closer view of the circle and line that represents the accurate guess. The above illustration shows how the particular question of how to represent one billion in number form can be answered using the Number method.

The setup and requirements for using the Number method are simple. Teachers can use the JoinPD website to create an account and set up a class. Once the class is set up, teachers can use the Number method to help students understand mathematical concepts. The particular answer to the question of how to represent one billion in number form is just one example of how the Number method can be used to help students learn.

As a teacher, I have found the Number method to be an effective way to help students understand mathematical concepts. By using the JoinPD website, I can easily create interactive presentations that engage students and help them learn. The Number method is just one of the many tools available on the JoinPD website, and I highly recommend it to any teacher looking for new and innovative ways to teach maths.

Key Features of JoinPD

JoinPD is a versatile online learning management system that caters to the diverse needs of educators. It offers a variety of features that are designed to be hands-on and engage students in interactive learning experiences. The details of these features can be explored below.

  • Interactive Learning Modules

JoinPD is your go-to online learning platform, providing interactive modules tailor-made to captivate educators and students alike in immersive learning adventures. Our diverse array of modules spans various subjects, carefully curated to empower educators with practical applications in their teaching journey.

The technology integration module, for example, provides educators with training on how to integrate technology into their classrooms. The classroom management module provides strategies for managing a classroom effectively, while the assessment strategies module provides educators with tools for assessing student learning.

As an educator, I have found JoinPD to be an invaluable tool for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences for my students. The interactive modules are designed to be hands-on and thoughtfully crafted, and they provide educators with the tools they need to create engaging and effective learning experiences. I highly recommend JoinPD to any educator looking for new and innovative ways to teach.

  • Collaborative Communities

JoinPD is a versatile online learning management platform that provides a vibrant community for educators to connect with peers, share insights, and exchange best practices. The sense of community created by JoinPD is a supportive network that encourages professional growth and idea-sharing. Collaborative Communities is one of the key features of JoinPD that enables educators to connect with other professionals in their field. 

This allows them to share ideas, resources, and best practices, and learn from one another. As an educator, I have found JoinPD to be an invaluable tool for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences for my students. I highly recommend JoinPD to any educator looking for new and innovative ways to teach.

  • On-Demand Webinars and Workshops

JoinPD provides access to webinars and workshops led by top-notch education experts. You can easily join these sessions whenever it suits you, offering maximum flexibility for educators. These webinars and workshops are designed to help educators stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their field. 

As an educator, I have found JoinPD to be an invaluable tool for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences for my students. I highly recommend JoinPD to any educator looking for new and innovative ways to teach.

  • Resource Library

JoinPD’s resource library is a treasure trove of valuable resources for Educators. It contains a wide range of educational materials, including lesson plans, teaching strategies, assessment tools, and research articles. These resources are designed to help skilled teachers improve their productivity and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in education. 

JoinPD administrators regularly update the resource library with new materials and upgrades to ensure that educators have access to the best possible resources. As an educator, I have found the resource library to be an invaluable tool for improving my teaching practice and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in education.

  • Customized Learning Paths

It caters to their individual preferences by offering customized learning paths that personalize their professional development journey. Educators can select modules and workshops that align with their specific areas of interest and expertise.

The customized learning paths offered by JoinPD are designed to help educators improve their teaching practice and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in education. As an educator, I have found JoinPD to be an invaluable tool for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences for my students. I highly recommend JoinPD to any educator looking for new and innovative ways to teach.

  • Progress Tracking and Certifications

JoinPD, an online learning platform, empowers educators to monitor their progress and growth. By completing modules and workshops, educators earn digital badges and certificates, showcasing their professional development accomplishments. 

These certifications not only enhance career prospects but also reflect a dedication to ongoing learning. As an educator myself, I’ve discovered that JoinPD is an indispensable tool for crafting dynamic and interactive learning experiences for my students. I wholeheartedly recommend JoinPD to fellow educators seeking fresh and innovative teaching approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Pear Deck makes presentations and lessons interactive. You can use it on the web, integrate it with various programs, or add it as an extension. Students simply enter codes to join Pear Deck sessions hosted by teachers. Then, they use their devices to follow the teacher's slideshow displayed on the classroom screen.

The learning journey begins when the teacher starts a Pear Deck session and retrieves the joining link or access code to provide students. Students then either click the share link directly or input the code manually at to enter the virtual classroom. Now in student view mode, learners can see presentation slides and interactively answer questions - bringing seamless cloud-based participation to life with just a few clicks.

To get your license, simply sign in to Pear Deck, navigate to your Profile, and select My Account. From there, pick the subscription plan that suits you best. Opt for the Annual Subscription with the Educator Discount to snag the special rate of $149.99 and enjoy the benefits.


Discover JoinPD, an integral component of the Pear Deck platform, offers an accessible online learning management system. This versatile tool proves to be an excellent means of education, fostering interaction between teachers and students in an organized fashion. Moreover, JoinPD is a cost-free solution that opens up extensive possibilities for users. The free version of JoinPD comes equipped with ample features tailored to students’ needs. All in all, Pear Deck stands out as a fantastic and practical choice for effective online teaching.

In summary, JoinPD emerges as a user-friendly website, delivering a complimentary online learning management system for both teachers and students. It streamlines the educational process in an orderly manner, offering a versatile array of options. JoinPD’s free version ensures students have access to a robust set of features, making it an ideal tool for seamless online learning.


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